Luaite Sports (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.is an ODM manufacturer of the most professional sports chip timing system worldwide. The company was established in Hong Kong in 2003, factories were setup in Shanghai (China) in 2006. We independently develop and manufacture timing chips and timing equipment, along with product application promotions. We also hold a number of technical invention patents.

Luaite Sports Timing System is considered worldwide a one of a kind timing system that can be compatible with other types of tag applications, including running tags, bib tags, leg strap tags, triathlon tags, swimming tags, mountain cycling passive tags, and road cycling active tags.

Luaite Sports Timing System is suitable for large-scale deployment, whether you are a large marathon of tens of thousands of people, or a multi-site league with just a few people participating in your events. Since Luaite Sports Timing System is affordable you can purchase it even if you do not have a large budget. Luaite Sports Timing is accurate and flexible, time keepers can easily operate it for both professional, international golden events and your local clubs daily practices. In summary, you will experience exceptional value along with the best product scalability.

Luaite Sports Timing System has already become one of the most widely used timing system worldwide. Presently, Luaite Sports Timing System has been successfully used in a number of sporting events, such as marathons, athletics/track and field running events, mountain climbing, stair climbing, cross-country, open water swimming, triathlon, BMX, track cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, roller skating, short track speed skating, car racing, and dog racing. Luaite Sports Timing System has also been used in army and police trainings and physical assessment test for schools.

You can request free samples to experience our product and quality service, including; our reliable delivery time, long term quality assurance, after-sales service, strong technical support, free software, and personalized product customization. More and more customers are choosing and are going to choose Luaite Sports products, and many customers have been satisfied using our products.