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EtherLynx Finish Camera

EtherLynx Finish Camera
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The EtherLynx Vision PRO is an elite-level photo-finish camera that combines the user-friendly features of the EtherLynx Vision with the speed and power of the EtherLynx PRO. The Vision PRO is the latest in a long line of EtherLynx cameras and it brings powerful new features to the world of high-speed sports timing.

Along with the EasyAlign™ and LuxBoost™ features, Vision cameras offer hardware and software improvements that make FinishLynx timing systems more intuitive than ever. The standard Vision PRO captures 3,000 frames per second at 1024 pixels high and includes features like LuxBoost4, On-Board Level, and Electronic Filter Control all standard. There are also two high- resolution upgrades that increase image height and capture rates to 6,000 fps (at 2048 pixels) and an unprecedented 20,000 fps. The high frame rate (20k) and advanced capture settings make the Vision PRO an excellent choice for high-speed timing applications like horse racing, cycling, motorsports, and more.

The Vision PRO offers EasyAlign full-frame video alignment mode. EasyAlign displays a live, full-frame video preview of the camera’s field-of-view on your computer screen. The 2-D preview also overlays thin lines (vertical and horizontal) so the camera can be adjusted visually to ensure precise alignment on the finish line. Once aligned, just switch the camera back to 1- D capture mode for accurate, photo-finish results images. This new 2-D video mode makes it extremely simple to align the camera quickly and accurately on the finish line to ensure flawless FAT results.

5L600 Vision PRO Hardware Specifications

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Vertical Pixels1024; 2048 max with High Resolution Option
Vertical Pixel AdjustmentContinuously adjustable
Max Frame Rate3,000 frames per second standard; 6,000 fps upgrade; 20,000 fps upgrade
Frame Rate AdjustmentContinuously Adjustable
Distance Camera to Computer100m Cat 5/6, 2,000m Fiber Optic (with converter)
PC-connection10/100/1000Mbit/s 802.3 Ethernet Topology
# colors/pixelUp to 2 million colors (user adjustable)
Sensor TypeCMOS Array (single line in photo-finish mode)
Time Base0.5 Part Per Million (.0005s per 16.7 min) - Temp. Compensating
Available Lens MountsCS-Mount; C-Mount; F-Mount
Camera Alignment AidsEasyAlign full-frame video preview
Remote Lens & Remote Alignment OptionsYes
LuxBoost Low-Light Capture & Auto LuxBoostYes – LuxBoost4
On-Board LevelYes
Frame OffsetOptional Add-On
Built-In Battery BackupOptional Add-On
Phased Light CompensationOptional Add-On
802.11 Wireless ConnectivityOptional Add-On
Light SensitivityHigh – Extreme low-light capability with optional LuxBoost8
Switchable IR FilterYes – Electronically Controlled 2 Stage
Digital ZoomOptional 200%
Gamma ControlHardware and Software
Image CompressionReal-time Lossless
Start Signal OptionsManual Start • Normally Open wired sensor/switch closure • Normally Closed wired sensor/switch closure • Optional RadioLynx wireless start • Image Start
Power Inputs802.3at PoE, 100-240 VAC with optional adaptor, or 12v DC input
Backup Power OptionsOptional Internal Rechargeable Batteries; Optional External Battery
Operating Temperature0° - 60°C
Control multiple cameras from 1 computerYes
Mix and Match Camera ModelsYes
Automatic Luminance ControlAuto-Iris; Auto-Gain; Auto LuxBoost
"Hot-swap" instant replacement guaranteeYes. Applies to in-warranty cameras
ApprovalsUL and CE
Camera Body Dimensions15.7cm x 7.5cm x 15.5cm
Camera Body Weight (Excluding Lens)1.4Kg