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Timing PRO Elite

Timing PRO Elite
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· 12V DC, 3A max

· 14 A-h internal battery, gives more than 5 hours of use

· LF transmit; HF receive tag signal

· Support 2x 5m Timing Mats, or 4x 2.5m Timing Mats

· Internal memory stores 40 million tag records

· USB memory stick to download tag records

· Real-time data transmission by Ethernet

· Read Shoe tag, Bib tag, Swimming/Triathlon/Cycling tag, and Wrist tag

· Indicators: ON/OFF, Battery voltage, Antenna tuning, LAN activity, Valid

ID received

· Trigger button (inserts digital marker into data stream)

· External gun-trigger port

· Automatic antenna tuning, and can be manually invoked

· Reliable anti-collision protocol

· Enhanced anti-interference DSP receiver

· 12 V external power input supported

· Portable aluminum hard case

· Physical Size: 39cm x 38cm x 19cm

· Weight: 12.8kg/17.5kg (battery included)

Timing Reader System Configuration Parameter Contrast Table

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Descriptions Timing PRO Elite Timing ONE Elite Timing CLUB Timing Fast
Operation System
DC in12V 3A12V 3A12V 3A12V 1A
Smart Charger
Reverse Protection
External DC Supply
Number of DC Sockets2221
External DC Cable1111
Battery Capacity2×7.2Ah2×7.2Ah2×7.2Ah1×7.2Ah
Battery Life>5H>5H>5H>8H
Number of RX Ports4222
Number of TX Ports422
Internal Memory
Memory Capacity40,000,00040,000,000
LF Transmitter
HF Receiver
DSP Enhanced Receiver
Anti-Interference Module
IP Configuration by USB
Data Transfer by USB
USB Port to PC
Ethernet Port to PC
Ethernet Port
WIFI Extension
Indicator of On/Off
Indicator of DC Voltage
Indicator of Ant Tunning
Indicator of Valid Read
Indicator of Network
Radiator Fan
Trigger Button
External Trigger Port
Tune Manually
Housing MaterialAluminum FrameAluminum Frame All AluminumAll Aluminum
IP RatingGeneralGeneral
Exterior Dimensions39×38×1939×38×1945×25×1536×36×11
Shoe Tags
Big Bib Tags
Small Bib Tags
Multisport Tags
Power Tags
L Type Passive Tags
Icon Descriptions■ Support - Nonsupport