Luaite Sports products are widely used in domestic and international sports events. Using more than 750,000 people, 120 countries around the world. We provide time solutions for marathon, swimming, triathlon, short track speed skating, cycling, horse racing, skiing and other events.

Bike Race

Bike RaceSolution

Whether mountain biking or highway bike race, using our bicycles timing active label, Beedancing motion cycle timing system can provide you with world-class performance and precision. Active tags versatile, simple to set up, easy to use and can produce accurate results. Beedancing sports timing system has provided timing services to hundreds of mountain bike and road bike race.

If you would like more information about the use of a timing device and cycling events, please let us know your requirements and send a message to

About cycling events, we need to understand the relevant information:

· The number of athletes

· Distance

Match Name Match Location Match Time
2016 China Gannan National Camping Convention Bicycle Race Gansu July 24, 2016 MORE
2015 Guizhou Pingtang Mountain Bike Cross Country Race Guizhou Pingtang June 21, 2015 MORE
2015 Zhuzhou “Xi Yue Huadu Cup” Bicycle Invitational Tournament Hunan Zhuzhou October 3, 2015 MORE