Luaite Sports products are widely used in domestic and international sports events. Using more than 750,000 people, 120 countries around the world. We provide time solutions for marathon, swimming, triathlon, short track speed skating, cycling, horse racing, skiing and other events.




Professional sports: athletics middle-distance race walking, marathon, mountain climbing, triathlon, relay race, swimming, bicycle, motorcycle, cross-country skiing, skating, racing and many other sports events formal project;

Education: school sports winter long-distance running, physical fitness test in college entrance examination, daily training and testing;

Military training: 3000 m, 5000 m, 400 m barrier, 10m × 5 shuttle run and the like.

Working principle:

When the player carrying the timing chip when the timing carpet by timing the carpet will be received in response to the signal timing chip is transmitted to the timing equipment, the device records connected thereto the current time and chip-related information, complete timing, count laps, count Features. Competition results can be displayed in real time, referee or training organizers can install on a computer timing system software to view, edit, print results.

A plurality of different types of timing devices can be connected together to form a variety of different configurations to meet specific event requirements.

Match Name Match Location Match Time
2017 Mount Tai International Marathon Shandong Tai'an June 2017 MORE
2017 Shandong Tai’an Taishan Mountaineering Competition Shandong Tai'an June 2017 MORE
2017 International TowerRunning Grand Prix – Chongqing Station Chongqing June 2017 MORE
2017 Gansu Lanzhou International Marathon Lanzhou June 2017 MORE
2017 Chengdu 8KM HORUN running race Chengdu June 2017 MORE
2017 “Runyou Shandong” semi-horse series of Texas Xiajin station Shandong Dezhou June 2017 MORE
2017 The First Jiamusi International Half Marathon Heilongjiang Jiamusi May 2017 MORE
2017 Jinzhou Beizhen “Jincui Cup” Imperial Road Half Marathon Liaoning Jinzhou May 2017 MORE
2017 Dongying International Marathon Shandong Dongying May 2017 MORE
2017 The second Beijing Gui River woman half marathon Beijing Gui River May 2017 MORE
2017 Beijing Hyundai Motor Finance “I am a runner” 10 km run Beijing May 2017 MORE
2017 “Runyou Shandong” semi-horse series race snow field lake station Shandong Laiwu May 2017 MORE
2017 Chongqing dragon water lake “Caixin” half marathon Chongqing April 2017 MORE
2017 “Ming Shi Cup” Heng Ma Pan Pan for the Imperial Lake Ecological Marathon Pan'an May 2017 MORE
2017 Yunnan City Investment Group 12th Anniversary Competition Challenge Yunnan April 2017 MORE
2017 Castle Peak Lake makeup contest Castle Peak Lake April 2017 MORE
2017 Jinan Daming Lake Cross Country Walking Conference Shandong Jinan April 2017 MORE
2016 Changzhou Wujin West Lake International Half Marathon Changzhou, Jiangsu November 03, 2016 MORE
2016 Nanjing Marathon Nanjing, Jiangsu October 16, 2016 MORE
2016 Henan Zhoukou China Charity Marathon Henan Zhoukou December 18, 2016 MORE
2016 Wenzhou Marathon Wenzhou, Zhejiang December 4, 2016 MORE
2016 Changde Liuye Lake International Marathon Hunan Changde November 19, 2016 MORE
2018 Beijing Baili Landscape Gallery Forest Marathon Beijing August 28, 2016 MORE
2016 Beijing Hyundai Motor Finance I am a runner – Taiyuan station Taiyuan Shanxi August 21, 2016 MORE
2016 Beijing Hyundai Motor Finance I am a runner – Chongqing station Chongqing July 17, 2016 MORE
2016 Chongqing Dazhou Longshui Lake Half Marathon Chongqing Dazu June 25, 2016 MORE
China ‘s Qian’an International Great Wall Hebei Qian'an June 10, 2016 MORE
2016 Hainan China Resources Public Service Jinan Station Shandong Jinan June 26, 2016 MORE
2016 Kohler family music run Shanghai June 5, 2016 MORE
2016 Bai Hui International Ninghai Cross Country Challenge Zhejiang Ninghai August 2, 2016 MORE
Mengniu 2016 cattle to Rio running in China – Jinhua station Zhejiang Jinhua July 9, 2016 MORE
2016 Renqiu Baiyangdian City Half Marathon Renqiu Baiyangdian June 12, 2016 MORE
2016 Wudalianchi Ring Volcano Half International Marathon Heilongjiang Wudalianchi June 8, 2016 MORE
2016 GuDong city mini marathon Shenzhen station Shenzhen, Guangdong August 6, 2016 MORE
2016 Pyongyang International Marathon North Korea Pyongyang April 11, 2016 MORE
2016 Dangshan Liyuan Marathon Anhui Dangshan April 8, 2016 MORE
2016 Hengdian marathon Zhejiang Jinhua April 10, 2016 MORE
2016 Silk Road Marathon Turpan Cross River Gucheng Xinjiang Turpan April 3, 2016 MORE