Luaite Sports products are widely used in domestic and international sports events. Using more than 750,000 people, 120 countries around the world. We provide time solutions for marathon, swimming, triathlon, short track speed skating, cycling, horse racing, skiing and other events.



By no means a complete ski race an easy task, but Beedancing sports timing system can handle it all. Use the new active tags and timing loop antenna, skiing timing will be better. Beedancing ski timing systems set is also very simple and easy to use, and the resulting time is very accurate. Beedancing sports timing devices are used in hundreds of ski sports, such as cross-country skiing, snow walking, sledding competitions.

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About ski events, we need to understand the relevant information:

· The number of athletes

· Play Line Distance

· Based on the type of game, the minimum width of the finish line

* More application case is in progress ...